Academic Positions

  • Present 2008

    Assistant Professor

  • 2008 2003


Education & Training

  • Ph.D. 2008

    Pure Mathematics- Analysis

    IAU, Science and Research Branch,Tehran

  • Master of Science 2002

    Pure Mathematics- Analysis

    Shahid Beheshti University

  • Bachelor of Mathematics 2000

    Pure Mathematics

    Tabriz University

Honors, Awards and Grants

Research Projects

  • A study of frames and fusion frames with their applications in signal processing

  • Unitary systems and wavelet g-frame operators

  • controlled g- frames and their applications

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Some results on controlled frames in Hilbert spaces

Kamran Musazadeh, Hassan khandani
JounalActa mathematica scientia | 2016



Kamran Musazadeh,
ConferenceThe 21th Seminar on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, IAU, Hamedan | 2014


We characterize those operators that produces Parseval controlled g-frames. We produce nearly dual controlled g-frames from two given g-frames which are not dual g-frames for each other. Also we have some more results on controlled g-frames.

Controlled fusion frames

Amir khosravi, Kamran Musazadeh,
JounalMethods Func. Anal. Topology | 2012


Unitary systems and g-frame wavelet operators

Kamran Musazadeh, Amir khosravi
JounalMathematics Scientific Journal | 2010


We introduce g-frame wavelet operators associated with a generalized g-frame multiresolution analysis of a Hilbert space H. We do this by defining g-frame generator sets and we obtain some important properties of generator sets. We establish a sufficient condition on a subset of bounded linear operators to be a g-frame multiwavelet operator set for H. We use a unitary system to construct a g-frame on H by a set of linear operators. Then we show the stability and robustness of these g-frames under erasures and small perturbations.

G-frame generator sete

Kamran Musazadeh, Amir khosravi
ConferenceThe 41th Iranian International Conference on Mathematics, University of Urmia | 2010


We use a unitary system and a set of linear operators to construct a g-frame on H and we obtain some important properties of this class of g-frame generator sets.

Tensor product of operator-valued frames in Hilbert C*-modules

Kamran Musazadeh, Amir khosravi
JounalJournal of Mathematical Extension | 2009


We show that the tensor product of two operator- valued frames for two Hilbert C*-modules is an operator-valued frame for the tensor product of these Hilbert C*-modules.

Some results on generalized frames

Kamran Musazadeh,
ConferenceThe 18th Sem. on Analysis, TMU, Iran. | 2009


In this paper we obtain new ways to construct a g-frame for a Hilbert space. Also we have some results about excess of g-frames and stability of g-frames under small perturbations .

Fusion frames and g-frames

Amir Khosravi, Kamran Musazadeh
JounalMath. Anal. Appl. | 2008


Currrent Teaching

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    Harmonic Analysis

  • Present 2011

    Banach Algebras

  • Present 2009

    Functional Analysis

  • Present 2008

    Real Analysis

  • Present 2008

    General Topology

  • Present 2004

    differential equations

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    Discrete Mathematics

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    Differential and integral calculus

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